Medical Tax Collaborative (MTC)



The Medical Tax Collaborative (MTC) is a coalition of health systems and financial capabilities organizations in 15 states and D.C. sharing best practices and technical support to build a movement integrating economic mobility services, including VITA tax preparation, into medical settings (Medical Financial Partnerships).



Benefits to joining the MTC include:

  • Access to a network of like-minded peers re-envisioning services provided in medical settings via quarterly meetings and an interactive online platform
  • Extensive toolkit: a detailed step-by-step templated guide on how to implement a VITA tax site, write grants, and recruit staff & volunteers. Materials include site coordinator guides & checklists, marketing materials & approaches, clinic integration approaches, and data collection tools.
  • Best practices on client engagement & implementation tips on running a tax-site within a medical setting
  • Opportunities to participate in joint evaluations
  • Aggregate data sharing from the entire network. Sites advertise the collective effort we all achieved together!

Member Guidelines

We ask all members to actively participate in the MTC by:

  • Sharing aggregated VITA tax site data (number served and dollars returned)
  • Engaging regularly with the network of peers 
  • Working creatively to build the movement building financial stability as a key driver of child health

Join Today!

To join the MTC, fill out the MTC Application form.




Medical Tax Collaborative Members

Yale Ne Haven Health

Boston Medical Center

Boston Children's Hospital


Martha Elliot Health Center

Nationwide Children's